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“[W]ere it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” Thomas Jefferson

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Middle East Crisis
Taos CurrentsTM
Mike Tilley's Weekly Interview Show
Cultural Energy is almost 8 Years Old
On Sep 9, 2011 the FCC granted us a construction permit for a NCE FM station, now KCEY 89.5 FM.
Mike Tilley has been doing his weekly interview show since 1996, beginning on that un-named Alamosa station live on the phone from Cafe Tazza, and then for Cultural Energy, starting in 2003. He has covered the programs of practically every non-profit group in Taos, and interviewed a whole range of politicans and cultural leaders from all over.

We are beginning to put these pages together, starting with the most recent shows, so come back as we fill in the past years.

Mike teaching radio at the Taos Pueblo Day School

Occasionally Robin Collier has filled in as indicated. Of course Mike has done many more interviews beyond Taos Currents, which can be found in our weekly archives.

All audio segments and photos are copyright 2003-2010 by Cultural Energy, and may not be reproduced in any form. Better sound was broadcast and is available on CDs. Windows Media Player or QuickTime, if not installed. Segments are posting in 32 bps compressed mp3 files (24 bps prior to Sep 14, 05) to allow dialup modem access. With slower connections, set your buffer to 30 or more seconds. Problems? eMail energy@culturalenergy.org

You can also listen to more than 2,300 other Cultural Energy Radio Segments on Youth, Arts & Activism

2007 Shows
Hear Other Years of Taos Currents: This Year 2008

If you want to save the mp3 file for your iPod or other later listening, on Windows, click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac, click on the link while holding the control key. Click on images for an enlarged view.

Taos Currents
SOMOS Winter Writers Series
Taylor Strait, Pierre Delattre, Jean-Vi Lenthe. Robin Collier Guest Host. Jan 1 08

Taos Currents
Interviews with 94 year old Living Treasure Musician Jenny Vincent of San Christobal. Guest Host Robin Collier.
Part 1 Jenny Vincent
Broadcast Jan 2, 2007. Recorded Dec 31 2006.
Part 2 Jenny Vincent
Broadcast Dec 25, 2007

Taos Currents
Spiritual Thoughts. Dec 8 07

Taos Currents
Taos High Poetry Chapbook. Dec 11 07

Jenny Vincent at Taos Solar Fest
Jun 30 07 Photo by Robin Collier

Taos Currents
Nina Simons Speaking for Xache Learning Center. Dec 4 07

Taos Currents
Adovcates for Community & the Environment. Nov 27 07

Taos Currents
Taos Whole Foods Cookbook. Openingof Taos Homeless Shelter. Nov 20 07

Taos Currents
Testing Vets for Depleted Uranium Exposure. Nov 13 07

Taos Currents
Bridges Project for Education. Nov 6 07

Taos Currents
Opening of the Homeless Shelter. Oct 30 07

Taos Currents
SOMOS Story Telling Festival. Oct 23 07

Taos Currents
Shift of Land Panel in Española
Sarah Parker's New Radio Series
Shift of Land Oct 16 07

Taos Currents
UNM Taos Literacy Center . Oct 9 07

Taos Currents
Taos Mountain Film Festival. Oct 2 07

Taos Currents
The Smart Code and new Zoning for the Town of Taos: Rudy Perea, Matt Foster & Robin Collier. Sep 25 07

Taos Currents
Rivers & Birds Wild Film Fest
Interview with Rob Stuart Director of "Shark Water." Sep 11 07

Taos Currents
Bioblitz; Barabra Waters, Ernie Atencio & Gail Minton Sep 2 07

Taos Currents
Dream Tree Walkathon Aug 28 07

Taos Currents
Music From Angel Fire. Aug 21 07

Taos Currents
Taos Planner Matt Foster. Aug 14 07

Taos Currents
Taos Living Treasures
Ben Maestas & Jenny Vincent. Aug 7 07

Taos Currents
Frank Waters Foundation. Jul 24 07

Taos Currents
Lisa Fox's Southwest Chutney opening in Costilla with TCEDC & WESTCORP on helping businesses. Jul 17 07

Taos Currents
Taos Fiesta Queen & Court. Jul 10 07

Taos Currents
SOMOS Summer Writers Series. Jun 30 07

Taos Currents
Taos Solar Music Festival & Solar Village. Jun 26 07

Taos Currents
The Library Expansion. Jun 19 07

Taos Currents
The Enjare (plastering) of St. Francis de Asis Church
Produced by Robin Collier. Jun 12 07
higher quality version

St. Francis de Asis Church
Winter 1943 - John Collier Jr. Photo
Courtesy the Library of Congress

Taos Currents
Suicide Prevention Month. Jun 5 07

Taos Currents
World Bicycle Month. May 29 07

Taos Currents
New Mexico Forum for Youth & Community. May 22 07

Taos Currents
The Lama Foundation. May 15 07

Taos Currents
Who do you say I am?
An Art Exhibit. May 8 07

Taos Currents
African Dance & the Lost Boys of Sudan. Apr 24 07

Taos Currents
Community Against Violence. Apr 17 07

Taos Currents
Earth Day. Apr 10 07

Taos Currents
Chamisa Mesa Play. Apr 3 07

Taos Currents
River & Birds. Mar 27 07

Taos Currents
Global Action for Peace. Mar 13 07

Taos Currents
Democratic Party Precinct Elections - Billy Knight. Mar 6 07

Taos Currents
SOMOS/Cultural Energy Benefit
Feb 10 07

Taos Currents
Bobby Gonzales & Melissa Sterry. Feb 13 07

Taos Currents
Smoking in Public Places. Feb 6 07

Billy Knight
Taos Currents
School Board Election District 2. Jan 30 07

Taos Currents
Depleted Uranium Testing Bill
Damacio Lopez & Marilyn Hoff. Jan 23 07

Taos Currents Host Robin Collier Water issues in Northern NM Kay Matthews - La Jicarita News. Jan 16 07

Taos Currents Host Robin Collier SOMOS Winter Writers Series Magdelene Smith, Sean Murphy & Cathy Strisik. Jan 9 07

Hear Other Years of Taos Currents: This Year 2008
coming soon... 2006 2005 2004
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All segments are copyright 2003-2007 by Cultural Energy and/or the creators and may not be reproduced in any form.

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