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Host Tania Casselle (unless otherwise indicated) Tania Casselle has been an editor, journalist, & freelance writer since 1990, contributing to international print & broadcast media. Her fiction & poetry have also appeared in many literary journals & anthologies.
2022-24 SOMOS Writers Series & extras
To save the mp3 file, on Windows click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac click while holding the control key.

John Nichols Memorial 2:06:15
John Nichols Memorial in Taos, May 25, 2024 at the TCA organized by SOMOS hosted by Tania Casselle and Sean Murphy.

Candlelight Bridge 29:27
Cara Lopez Lee talks about her new book "Candlelight Bridge." and her workshop at SOMOS on June 13th.

Jefferson Cowie 58:10
Pulitzer Prize Winner, Jefferson Cowie, author of "Freedom's Dominion," spoke at SOMOS in Taos, on May 12th, 2024. A co-sponsorship of Op-Cit books and SOMOS.

Seluja and Carlson 58:38
Poets Katherine Seluja and Tina Carlson read from their works at SOMOS on April 21st

Hampton Sides 65:27
Author Hampton Sides speaks on his book on Captain Cook, "The Wide Wide Sea, " recorded at SOMOS on April 13th 2024.

El Bosque Poets 59:40
El Bosque Poets (Cedar Koons, Tim Raphael, Judith Buffaloe, and Robert Templeton) performed at SOMOS on April 19th.

Ullman & Kushner 59:36
Poets Leslie Ullman and Dale Kushner read at SOMOS on April 5th

Bjorn Halvorsen Poetry 83:46
The late Taos writer, Bjorn Halvorsen's recently published writings were read at SOMOS on March 17th. The readers are Kristen Woolf and Janay Morgan Mallon.

Young Writers 51:58
Young Writer at SOMOS on Apr. 6, 2024

Garlic Contradictions 56:37
Robert Hume and his wife speaking on his book "Fallout of US Trade Policy, Garlic Contradictions" on Sat. Mar. 2, 2024 at SOMOS

Garlic Contradictions 28:59
Robert Hume on his book "Fallout of US Trade Policy, Garlic Contradictions" to be speaking Sat. Mar. 2, 4 pm 2024 at SOMOS

A Child's Christmas in Wales 29:41
“James Navé reads "A child's Christmas in Wales" by Dylan Thomas on Dec. 3, 2023 at SOMOS

Kate Christensen 59:43
Author Kate Christensen reads from her novel "Welcome Home Stranger," and  holds a Q and A session at SOMOS on December 17th, 2023.










Joshua Concha 26:58
“Poetry in Motion" a film by Joshua Concha, a SOMOS event at the Harwood December 14th.

Nichols & Loeffler 51:37
Author John Nichols reads at SOMOS Summer Writer Series on August 23rd 2002, at Caffe Tazza Courtyard in Taos, New Mexico. Jack Loeffler introduces John Nichols.

Murphy & Joseph 73:16
Authors Sean Murphy and AlexanderShalom Joseph read from their work at SOMOS on November 5th, 2023

Reich & Goldberg 76:24
James Reich journalist and author of "The Moth for the Star," and Julia Goldberg, of Santa Fe Reporter, and author of "Inside Story: Everyone's Guide to Reporting Creative Non-Fiction."  They discuss "Literary Villains."  The program was recorded at SOMOS on Nov 10th. 2023

Andres Vargas 29:38
“Historias Y Memoiras, Tales of Growing Up In Taos, NM" by Juan Andres Vargas who will read at SOMOS on Dec 1, 2023

Rugeley & Thibodeau 59:22
Chris Rugeley and Karen Thibodeau read at SOMOS on November 17th, 2023.

Lim & Rodgers 48:45
Poet Kathryne Lim and Young Adult writer Shannon Rogers read from their work at SOMOS on November 18th, 2023

Ben Goldfarb 57:15
Author Ben Goldfarb reads from his book, "Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of our Planet," recorded at SOMOS on November 6th, 2023.

Poetry Anthology Reading 58:17
Poets from the "New Mexico Poetry Anthology" read at SOMOS on October 28th, 2023.










Hispano Storytellers 1:46:20
SOMOS Hispano Story Tellers festival October 10, 2023 at the Talpa Community Center.

Enrique Lamadrid 89:58
Dr. Enrique Lamadrid speaker for Hispanic Heritage Month September 27 at SOMOS

Sylvia Vergara 68:24
Author Sylvia Ernestina Vergara spoke about her book "The Resilient Lifestyle." at SOMOS in Taos, New Mexico on September 16th, 2023

Loida Maritza Perez 74:53
Loida Maritza Perez, is founder and director of Afro Mundo, and is an independent scholar, cultural activist, and author of "Geographies at Home," and "Beyond the Pale." She spoke at SOMOS on August 19th, 2023

Malm, Wiard, Garcia 41:56
Linda Malm, Eileen Wiard and Maria Teresa Garcia read from their work at SOMOS on August 13th, 2023.

History of SOMOS 29:54
Anne McNaughton gives the history of SOMOS on Aug 19th.

Poets in Residence 59:52
Wurlitzer poets-in-residence Clemonce Heard and Rachel Kaufman read at SOMOS on August 6th, 2023

Taos, Boston, Eire and Beyond 50:39
Taos, Boston, Erie and Beyond: featuring Writers: Debora Seidman, Dianne Vona, and Kathryn Crawley recorded at SOMOS on July 23rd, 2023

Johnathan Slator 77:42
Jonathan Slator reading from his new book at SOMOS June 16

Not Just Words 59:42
Poets reading at SOMOS May 4

Claire Haye 49:32
Artist Claire Haye reads for her memoir "Claire Haye Artist: Survival, Persistence, Renaissance," at SOMOS on May 21st.

SOMOS Youth Writers 29:43
Young Writer's Program celebrates 30 years at SOMOS recorded on April 21st, 2023

Paul Tran 30:17
Poet Paul Tran speaking at SOMOS on Apr. 14, 2023





Mary Shaffer 57:35
Mary Shaffer speaking at SOMOS Mar. 17 on her book Behind the Curtain.

Laura Formentini 45:36
Author Laura Formentini, reads from her book, "Twentyone Olive Trees: A mother's walk through the grief of sucide to hope and healing," Presentation at SOMOS on Jan 14, 2023

Imagine Peace 59:56
Imagine Peace forum at SOMOS Jan. 22, 2023

Wurlitzer Poets 51:39
Reading at SOMOS Nov. 26, 2022

Juan Concha and Ann McNaughton 69:15
Ann McNaughton and Juan Isidro Concha reading at SOMOS Sep. 24, 2022

Juan Concha 28:23
Juan Isidro Concha on his reading at SOMOS

Priyanka Kumar 51:48
"Conversations with Birds" Priyanka Kumar Presentation at SOMOS on Jan 15, 2023

The Family Chao 82:10
Lan Samantha Chang reads from her newest novel, "The Family Chao" at SOMOS on October 7th, 2022

John Nichols 54:49
Sep. 22, 2022 Reading from his book "I Got Mine, Confessions of a Midlist Writer" at SOMOS with Joe Berrera.

Steve Almond 59:51
At SOMOS Nov. 11

Hillerman 76:42
Morrison speaks on Hillerman at SOMOS Nov. 3

K Iver 28:36
K Iver poet at SOMOS Oct. 30

Lopez, Lavadie & Gonzalez 71:53
Maria Cristina Lopez, Juanita Lavadie and Maria Dolores Gonzalez, read at SOMOS on November 4th, 2022

Laure and Boaz 41:48
Writers Estelle Laure and Amy Boaz read at SOMOS on November 5th, 2022


2018-2021 SOMOS Writers Series & extras
To save the mp3 file, on Windows click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac click while holding the control key.

Phyllis Hotch Tributes 57:07
Tributes to the life of Phyllis Hotch at SOMOS Nov. 7, 2021.

Phyllis Hotch 59:56
Phyllis Hotch passed Oct. 22, 2021. Nancy Ryan interviews her in February 2019, and Phyllis reads poems in the interview and also at SOMOS.


SOMOS Corona 18:07
Jan Smith on SOMOS schedules, Poetry Month and other changed operations for April in a time of Corona.

SOMOS Corona 18:12
Jan Smith on SOMOS changed plans in a time of Corona.

SOMOS Youth Poets 58:40
Reading at the Harwood of SOMOS youth poets Feb 6, 2020.

Young Writers 28:53
Youth Writers from SOMOS at the Harwood.

Jeanne McCulloch 58:51
Jeanne McCulloch, author of"All Happy Families" spoke on her book and how to write memoir at SOMOS August 13.

Writer's Block 22:37
Dr. Katherine Toy Miller speaks about her workshop on overcoming writer's block at SOMOS June 1st.

Phyliss Hotch 50:25
January interview on her new book and reading at SOMOS Sunday February 3rd, 2019

SOMOS Events 28:16
Jan Smith updates us on January events, their succesful purchase of their building and more over the next year at SOMOS.

SOMOS Events 26:42
Jan Smith updates us on December and next year's events at SOMOS.

SOMOS Events 13:29
Jan Smith updates us on November and December events at SOMOS.



SOMOS October 28:04
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in October.

SOMOS September 27:362
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in September.

SOMOS August 15:36
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in August.

SOMOS Poetry Month 29:54
Curator-Ariana Kramer and Jan Smith cover the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest Poetry events in April.

SOMOS 26:23
Director Jan Smith updates us with upcoming programs at the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.

SOMOS 28:00
Jan Smith on SOMOS events for March and beyond.

SOMOS 15:20
Jan Smith on SOMOS events for February and beyond.

SOMOS 21:14
Jan Smith on SOMOS events for November and beyond.

SOMOS 13:14
Jan Smith on SOMOS events for October and beyond.

SOMOS 15:00
Jan Smith on SOMOS events for September and beyond.

SOMOS events 28:56
Jan Smith speaks about SOMOS news for August & beyond.

SOMOS events 28:56
Jan Smith speaks about SOMOS news for July & beyond including the Taos Writers Conference.

SOMOS events 13:34
Jan Smith speaks about SOMOS news for June & beyond, followed by an essay from 2009 by Levi Romero.

SOMOS events
Jan Smith speaks about SOMOS news for May & beyond.

SOMOS events 26:40
Jan Smith speaks about Poetry Month events and other SOMOS news for April & beyond.

SOMOS 14:38
Jan Smith updates our listeners on SOMOS programs for March & beyond.

SOMOS July-August 27:03
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in July-August

SOMOS June-July 25:27
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in June and the SOMOS Writers Conference in

SOMOS May-June 28:53
Jan Smith covers the multitude of Society of the Muse of the Southwest events in May and June.

SOMOS Events 16:26
Jan Smith on upcoming SOMOS events

Promoting Artists 87:10
Panel on artists promoting their work, SOMOS Sep. 28, 2019. Edited by Benjamin Harris.

Peter Plagens 65:01
Speaking at the Harwood on "My Life in Art Criticism" Sep. 27, 2019. Edited by Conrad Bookout.

Eileen Wiard 28:132
Eileen Wiard “Letters to God: A Spiritual Journal-Writing Practice for Everyone” Sunday October 20 3:30 at SOMOS.

Marriage In Mumbai 28:16
Elizabeth Flock on her book "The Heart is a Shifting Sea" and her other journalist investigations.

SOMOS Poetry 35:12
Poets Vivian Carroll and Max Early read for SOMOS on April 6, 2019.

John Biscello 26:54
John Biscello on his new book "Nocturne Variations" and reading at SOMOS. December 18th 7:00 pm.

Momaday Reading 44:07
Natachee Momoday Gray and Jill Scott Momaday reading at SOMOS November 4, 2018.

Bonnie Lee Black 28:08
Author Bonnie Lee Black on her new book "Jamie's Muse". Reading at Society of the Muse of the Southwest September 16th.

SOMOS HomeWord 27:50
Prudy Ablen and Phyllis Hotch of Society of the Muse of the Southwest on their HomeWord party celebrating the purchase of their building - August 19th 5:30-7:30

Michelle Adams 27:53
Novelist Michelle Adams on her book "Child of Duende" and an Evening of Storytelling and Flamenco" at the Society of the Muse of the Southwest June 23, 5:30 pm.


Tyehimba Jess 26:53
Pulitzer prize winning poet Tyehimba Jess on his performance Apr. 20, 2018 at the Harwood 7 pm presented by the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.

John Nichols Part 1 44:50
John Nichols Part 2 22:09
John Nichols talking about the making of the Milagro Bean Field War movie showing at the TCA Mar. 16 to 20

John Nichols 31:38
Nov. 17 Reading at SOMOS on the opening of the Durango Public Library.

Nacario Garcia 44:32
Nov. 17 Reading at SOMOS on his new book "No More Bingo Comadre!"

John Nichols 28:51
Interview with John Nichols on his new book on his mother, "Goodbye, Monique"

Levi Romero 46:30
Robert Arellano 31:25

Readings by poets Levi Romero and Robert Arellano for SOMOS on August 8. Robert's reading contains numerous FCC banned words so could not be broadcast.

Miguel and Coral read 36:21
Miguel Santistevan and Coral Bernal read poetry April 6, 2019 in Taos for SOMOS.

Andres Vargas 38:53
Andres Vargas reads his story on sheep herding in Idaho with his father from the book "LATE BLOOMERS: The Movement"

Bookshop Band 29:29
The Bookshop Band played at SOMOS on January 29, 2019

SOMOS Prose Month 14:51
Johanna deBiase curator of Society of the Muse of the Southwest Prose Month

D. H. Lawrence 66:46
"D. H. Lawrence Among the Early Bohemians" a talk and selected Q&A by Dr. Katherine Toy Miller recorded Saturday, July 21st at SOMOS.

Dear Elizabeth
Taos OnStage presents "Dear Elizabeth" a play on the longtime friendship of poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop at SOMOS July 26, 27, 28 at 7 pm

D. H. Lawrence 29:39
"D. H. Lawrence Among the Early Bohemians" a talk by Dr. Katherine Toy Miller Saturday, July 21st 10 am at SOMOS.

Sabra Moore30:58
Sabra Moore on her book "Openings: A Memoir from the Women’s Art Movement, New York City 1970-1992" at the Society of the Muse of the Southwest on June 15, 5:30 pm.

Youth Poetry 16:26
Youth Poetry at the Harwood, a SOMOS event, Thursday Feb 1, 6 pm

2016-17 SOMOS Writers Series & extras click on photos for larger images
To save the mp3 file, on Windows click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac click while holding the control key.

SOMOS Writers Conference 30:17
Jan Smith give all the details on the Taos Writers Conference March 10-12.

SOMOS Winter Writers 30:38
Jan Smith on the readings and other SOMOS programs

SOMOS Youth Poets 12:50
Harwood Jan 24

SOMOS 29:13
Jan Smith on the November Prose month and other upcoming events at SOMOS.

Writers Anxiety Workshop 31:36
Dr. Katherine Toy Miller speaks about her writers workshop at SOMOS August 12 using the examples of the anxieties of Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein.

SOMOS Poetry Month 20:26
Curator Veronica Golos on 11 days of poetry and music at SOMOS in April

Marabai Starr 30:58
SOMOS Taos Writers Conference loss writing workshop Friday March 10.

SOMOS Writers Conference 30:17
Jan Smith give all the details on the Taos Writers Conference March 10-12.

SOMOS Youth Mentorship
SOMOS Youth Writers at Cultural Energy
KCEI 90.1 FM - Johanna deBiase, Mentor
click on image for larger view

John Nichols 31:07
John Nichols speaks before his booksigning at Brodskys Book Store April 1st, 2017 for his new photo book "My Heart Belongs to Nature"

John Nichols and Nature 30:53
John speaks on his new book "My Heart Belongs to Nature" and book signing at Brodskys April 1 4-6 pm.

George Chacón 22:44
George Chacón's last performance of haiku and music on April 1, 2017 at SOMOS's celebration of poetry month, before his tragic death at age 63. A service for George Chacón will be held Friday April 7th at 10 am at the Guadalupe Church in Taos, with a memorial/reception right after at the Juan I. Gonzales Agricutural Building.

Poet Nancy Ryan 50:37
Reading by her friends at SOMOS
20 November 2016

SOMOS Youth Writer Mentorship
Johanna deBiase, Mentor
Short Radio essays
Just Dogs, Jay Strauss
Express Yourself, Arwen Scarlata 1:03
I Sense, Marielle Gomez 1:12
Stray, Hana O'Brien-Ishikawa 0:53
Something Yet to Find, Isabella O'Donnell 0:54
Friends, Sara Peralta 0:19
The Only World, Zoe LaMure 0:45

Story Telling Festival 28:18
Navé and Cisco telling about the SOMOS Storytelling Festival

Taos Poetry Festival 28:15
James Navé tells about the Taos Poetry Festival June 11-17 at SOMOS & TCA.

SOMOS Winter Writers 30:38
Jan Smith on the readings and other SOMOS programs

Human Rights Day 30:09
Letter writing at SOMOS Dec 10 108 Civic Center Dr.

2012-15 SOMOS Writers Series & extras click on photos for larger images
To save the mp3 file, on Windows click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac click while holding the control key.

A musical version of the poem by Lewis Carroll, fromThrough the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, in honor of his birthday on January 27. Composed by Joanne Forman, sung by bass-baritone Christopher Wyndham, with pianist Martha Grossman.A production of User Friendly Music. Jabberwocky 3:23

For more Lewis Carroll visit the Lewis Carroll Society of North America


Taos High Schools Poets
Vista Grande, Taos Academy, Chrysalis, Taos High School
Somos Winter Writers Series
Feb 21 2013 Intro by Jan Smith
Intro 2:50
Poets 1:20:36
Thanks 3:43
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall

Maureen McCoy
Sentimental Deportation
John Nichols
How my Mother Came Out West
From a memoir in progress on John's parents
SOMOS Summer Writer's Series Aug 14, 2013.
McCoy intro by Nichols 10:32
Maureen McCoy 29:52
Nichols intro by McCoy 5:51
John Nichols 39:00
Q & A 3:58
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall

Peter Rabbit 14:48
Nancy Ryan interviews Peter Rabbit and Anne MacNaughton and they read. Peter passed this October 2012. Sound & edit by Nancy Ryan not by Cultural Energy.

Allegra Houston
Lara Santoro
Somos Winter Writers Series
Jan 31 2013 Intro by Jan Smith
Intro 8:31
Allegra & Lara 51:54
Q & A 2:25
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall

2011 Writers on Radio Shows, SOMOS Writers Series & extras click on photos for larger images
Dana Levin and Veronica Golos
Dana Levin reads from Sky Burial and Veronica Golos reads from Vocabulary of Silence. SOMOS Winter Writers Series at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House.
February 18, 2011
Introductions by Jan Smith
Jan Smith Credits 4:26
Dana Levin 34:40
Veronica Golos 29:41
Recorded & mixed by Robin Collier, edited by Harvey Soloman. 
2010 Writers on Radio Shows & extras click on photos for larger images

The New Mexico State Library and the Department of Cultural Affairs Dec 16 announced the official New Mexico Centennial Poet, Author, Children’s Author and Storyteller, in addition to a special Distinguished Writer. They are:

Poet: Levi Romero
Author: Don Bullis
Children’s Author: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
Storyteller: Joe Hayes
Distinguished Writer: N. Scott Momaday

They will serve from 2011-2012.

Tania Casselle has again been honored in the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest 2010, winning First Place for Best Radio Interview for her Jan 2009 SOMOS Writers on Radio show with Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. She also won First Place in New Mexico.

Taos poet & publisher Judson Crews died May 17, 2009, a month shy of 93. Much more here.

Tania Casselle, Tom Ireland & Zanagroove
Readings from short stories by Tom Ireland and Tania Cassalle with music by Zanagroove. Q & A with info on travel writing. Aug 20, 2010
Tom Ireland 28:37
Zanagroove 23:31
Tania Casselle 20:56
Tania & Tom Q & A 11:39

Recorded by Robin Collier. Edited by Harvey Soloman

Tania Casselle's Award Winning Interview
Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
Author of The Dirty Girls Social Club, reads from her novel-in-progressThe Cities and the Sea on the Cuban revolution and the US civil rights movement. Feb 09

SOMOS Summer Writer Series July 9, 2010
Readings at the Rane Gallery introduced by series curator Jan Smith & then by Veronica Golos. Carol Moldaw reads from So Late, So Soon; New & Selected Poems. Arthur Sze reads from The Ginkgo Light about the effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and our human capacity to survive.
Carol Moldaw 28:56

Arthur Sze 27:23

Davida Singer 34:04
SOMOS Summer Writers Series July 30, 2010
Poetry accompanied by improvised music by Johnny R. Angel. This is posted in higher quality mp3 because of the music. Introduced by Jan Smith.

Daughters of Juarez 2:04:44
SOMOS reading and music Mar. 28, 2009 in memory of the hundreds of women raped, mutilated and murdered in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. Recorded & edited by Mike Tilley

Taos Currents
Mirabia Starr reads a poem about the murders of young women in Juarez and talks about the SOMOS observance this Sunday Mar 28 3-5 at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. Host Mike Tilley

SOMOS Summer Writers Series Aug 27, 2010
Poetry by Jon Davis and Sawnie Morris. After the first poem, the rest of Sawnie's poems relate to the nuclear program in New Mexico from the Manhatten project to the present day.
Jon Davis 25:19
Sawnie Morris 31:05
Recorded by Robn Collier & edited by Harvey Soloman

Friends of D. H. Lawrence
A festival of New Mexico Writers Apr 9, 2009 featuring John Nichols critical parody on Lawrence. Broadcast on KLDK LP with Dr. Toy Miller, Roberta Meyers, Ralph Meyers II. Reading by Valerie Martinez from her book of poetry nominated for the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. Nov 14 at the Mabel Doge House - sponsored by SOMOS. Introduced by Joanne Foreman.Selection as Broadcast 29:00
Complete Reading

Intro 2:58
Valerie Martinez - Each and Her 25:51
Q & A Valerie Martinez 25:51

Daughters of Juarez
Each and Her

dg nanouk Okpik 34:32
Inuit Poet

Cathy Strisik 24:34
Poems on Cambodia
Winter Writers Series at Caffe Tazza Feb 26, 2009 Intros by Curator Jan Smith
Recorded & Re-mixed by Robin Collier
Edited by Harvey Soloman

Jeff Haas
reading from his book The Assassination of Fred Hampton. From the SOMOS Winter Writers Series Jan 15 09. Introduced by Jan Smith with reference to Bonnie Black's reading.
Recorded by Robin Collier. Edited by Harvey Soloman.

dg nanouk Okpik Digitally altered photo by Robin Collier
Bonnie Black 43:53
Author Bonnie Black reads from her 1981 published memoir, Somewhere Child. It is a haunting and beautifully written story of the abduction(s) of her young daughter by her ex-husband and how her experience was instrumental in the creation of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. SOMOS Winter Writers Series Jan 15 2009. Introduced by Steve Fox & curator Jan Smith. Edited by Harvey Soloman.

Taos Currents
SOMOS Writers Series with readings by Mirabai Starr and Sean Murphy, music by Jenny Bird. Curator Jan Smith joins them. Host Mike Tilley

Bonnie Black

SOMOS 2010 Winter Writers Series 26:13
David Perez & Lauren Bjorkman read from their work. Host Robin Collier

Mike Farrell 1:02:57
Speaking on his book Just Call Me Mike at the Harwood Museum in Taos on May 15, 2008 for SOMOS and UNM Taos Library. Introduced by Robert Arellano.

Click here for larger slideshow.
Recording & photos by Robin Collier. Editing by Harvey Soloman

SOMOS 2010 Winter Writers Series 26:13
David Perez & Lauren Bjorkman read from their work. Visit SOMOS for schedule beginning Jan 8, 2010

2009 Writers on Radio Shows & extras click on photos for larger images
Tania Casselle's SOMOS Writers on Radio interview with poet Levi Romero was awarded first place in the 2009 New Mexico Women's Press Excellence in Communications Contest, for a radio interview broadcast in 2008. Second Place and an Honorable Mention were awarded to her interviews with Frances Washburn and John Nichols.  All three programs were produced by Robin Collier at Cultural Energy and can be heard below in the 2008 section.
Flash: She has now also won 3rd place from the National Women's Press for her Levi Romero interview.

Tania Casselle interviews poet Levi Romero
Contest winners are selected by out-of-state judges, and first place winners in the New Mexico contest go forward to the National Federation of Press Women annual awards.  
We have recorded many more SOMOS readings than we have had time to edit and post on this page. If your reading has not been posted yet, it is not because it was not good enough - it is just that we do not have enough volunteers to edit the recording yet. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with editing - if you want to learn call 758-9791. We will continue to post more readings as time permits.
Taos Writer's Roundtable
Writing and the Creative Process. UNM Taos. Nov 5 09 Moderator Sean Murphy, writers Mirabai Starr, Erin Badhand & John Nichols.

First Dates & Tainted Love

Monique Parker

Jul 2 09 performance at the Rane Gallery. Music by Melissa Crabtree, readings by Monique Parker & David Pérez from their works in progress. Hosted by Lenny Foster
Posting of Melissa's music awaits her approval.
Lenny Foster Intro 1:27

Monique Parker 24:10
David Pérez 24:46
Author's Q & A 8:28

Winter Writers Series

Curator Diana Rico and readings by David Pérez, Monique Parker and clips from Michelle Holland and Erin Badhand. Taos Currents Host Robin Collier

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
At the SOMOS Winter Writers Series Jan 30, 2006
Author of The Dirty Girls Social Club reads from The Haters and The Husband Habit. Introduced by Series Curator Diana Rico 41:05

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
Author of The Dirty Girls Social Club, reads from her novel-in-progressThe Cities and the Sea on the Cuban revolution and the US civil rights movement. Feb 09

Veronica Golos
Introduced by David Pérez
Reading at a benefit for medical aid to Gaza Mar 7, 09
Winn DeBurlo

Chellis Glendinning
Chellis reads from her work in progress, Luddite.com, at the SOMOS Winter Writer's Series on Jan 23 09.

Rick Klein 128K Stereo mp3
Singing ceremonial songs from Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil.
At the SOMOS Winter Writer Series Feb 13 09
Introduced by Diana Rico
48K mono mp3 version.

Rick Klein's songs include
2 acequia cleaning songs
from the Peruvian desert.

Olivia Romo

David introduced by Diana Rico

David Pérez
Memories of a boyhood in the South Bronx. Reading from his memoir Wow at the SOMOS Winter Writers Series. Jan 30 09

Cherie Burns
Cherie Burns, journalist and author of The Great Hurricane: 1938, Cherie shares how she researched and wrote this moving true story, plus reflections on that Great Depression era and today's world, and Hurricane Katrina. Mar 09

Taos Currents
SOMOS Summer Writers Series beginning Jul 10, 2009
Curator Diana Rico and Poet Dora McQuaid. Host Mike Tilley

Allegra Houston
Reading from her new book The Love Child: A Memoir of Family Lost and Found for SOMOS on Apr 24.

Eliezer Sobel
Author of The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist's Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments. Jan 08

Levi Romero
Keynote reading for the Big Read, Sat. Nov 7 2009 at the TCA. Followed by readings by Taos High School members of the Poetry Club.

Credits by Summer Wood 4:25
Levi introduced by Summer 49:39
Taos High Poets 31:02

Iris Keltz
Reading from her unpublished book on the 67 war in Palestine & Israel at the SOMOS Summer Writers Series on Aug 12 09. Introduced by Diana Rico. Editing by Harvey Soloman

Dora McQuaid
Reading at the SOMOS Summer Writers Series Aug 21 09. Introduced by Diana Rico.
Edited by our new volunteer Harvey Soloman -Thanks!

Pat McCabe &
Lyla Johnston
Reading at the SOMOS Summer Writers Series on Aug 21 09. Prayer & introduction by Series Curator Diana Rico.

Consuelo Luz Stereo 25.8 MB
Performing traditional Ladino songs and her own compositions at the SOMOS Summer Writers Series Jul 16 09. Introduced by Diana Rico.
Consuelo Luz Web site
Consuelo Luz Mono version 10.8 MB

The Nazca culture developed desert irrigation about 500 AD.
2008 Writers on Radio Shows & extra click on photos for larger images
Taos Currents
SOMOS Winter Writers Series
Taylor Streit, Pierre Delattre, Jean-Vi Lenthe. Host Robin Collier Jan 07

Nathaniel Philbrook at the Harwood.
Nathaniel Philbrook at the Harwood. Robin Collier photo

Nathaniel Philbrook
Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War. From the Winter Writers Series Jan 08

Summer Wood
Winner of the Literary Gift of Freedom from A Room of Her Own Foundation, novelist Summer explores her passion for place. Jan 08

Judith Arcana
Author, poet, and biographer of Grace Paley, Judith discusses "art that discovers and makes truth." Feb 08

Don Waters reading at the Harwood
for the Winter Writers Series

Don Waters
Author of Desert Gothic (Iowa Short Fiction Award), Don talks about the craft of the short story. Host Tania Cassalle Mar 08

Poet Judyth Hill
Judyth discusses the passion of poetry and reads her acclaimed 'Wage Peace'. Apr 08

Author Robin Romm
Author of 'The Mother Garden', Robin discusses her approach to style and substance in short fiction. May 08

Matt Donovan
Reading from 'Vellum' (Bakeless Prize) and Matt's process to create powerfully textured poetry. Jul 08

Brian Tacang
Children's author discusses The Model President, the new novel in his Misadventures of Millicent Madding series, and tips on writing for young readers. Dec 08

Levi Romero
Bilingual poet discusses the poetry of the real New Mexico and his new book A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works. Nov 08

Frances Washburn
Discussing Elsie’s Business, her novel retelling the Lakota Deer Woman story, and readers' expectations of Native writers. Sep 08

Sharon Oard Warner
The Taos Summer Writers Conference founder talks about the emotive issues in her first novel Deep in the Heart, and her upcoming Sophie’s House of Cards Oct 08

Lisa Tucker
How the best-selling author explores moral dilemmas in her new novel 'The Cure for Modern Life.'Aug 08

Mirabai Starr
Interviewed by Nancy Ryan for Womenspeak Apr 08

John Nichols
John's new book 'The Empanada Brotherhood' and the discipline of writing a novel Jun 08

John Nichols interviewed by Tania Casselle

Cisco Guevara & with his wife Allegra Houston and son Rafael, listening
John Nichols introduces Taylor Streit.
Cisco Guevara & with his wife Allegra Houston and son Rafael, listening.
Recording & Photos by Robin Collier

John Nichols Introduction to Taylor Streit
At the SOMOS Winter Writers Series. John spins his own tale about the fly fishing guide & author.

Sean Murphy introduces Natalie Goldberg
Natalie's Reading from Old Friend From Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir

Summer Writers Series
Taos Currents
Guest Host Robin Collie

John Nichols 1:15:21
John reads from his novel the Milagro Beanfield War. He then tells the arduous story of how the script was written & re-written, how the movie was made and how little of his writing ended up in the movie directed by Robert Redford. John spoke at a benefit showing of the Milagro Beanfield War on the 20th anniversary of the film for the Martinez Hacienda on Mar 28, 2008 and is introduced by Morris Whitten. John Nichols views are his own, not those of Cultural Energy, so please, Robert Redford, don't sue us. Not a SOMOS event. Editing by Harvey Soloman & normalization by Robin Collier

Taos Currents
Interview with John Nichols on the 20th Anniversary of the film The Milagro Beanfield War
Host Mike Tilley

John Nichols - the Milagro Beanfield War

2007 Writers on Radio Shows & extra

SOMOS Winter Writers Series
Mike Tilley interview with Magdalene Smith, Sean Murphy & Cathy Strisik

Poet Valerie Martinez
Valerie shares her award-winning poetry, and her writing process for her new work on the murdered women of Juarez. Jan 07

Sawnie Morris
Poet/essayist Sawnie reads new work and discusses activism & the artist in today's world with host Magdalene Smith. Mar 07

Mirabai Starr
Teresa of Ávila
Interview by Mike Tilley

Women's Speak Host Nancy Ryan
Poet Sawnie Morris

Robert Bly & Martín Prechtel in Santa Fe
16 Apr 07
Organized by Magdalene Smith
Editing by Dory Hulbert

Poet Mariam Sagan
Miriam reads poems from 'Rag Trade' and discusses the form, function, and play of poetry, with a special nod to the pantoum. Apr 07

Lara Santoro
Lara discusses her novel 'Mercy', based on her journalist experiences in Africa, and shares tips for first-time novelists. Jun 07

Carla Gericke
South-African born Carla reads from her novel in progress and talks about the shift from short to long fiction. Jul 07

Robert Sund
A Mike Tilley interview of Arthur Grenno and Chip Hughes about the publication of Robert Sund's "Taos Mountain" Aug 07

Mark Scott
Richard Rodriguez called Mark Scott "One of our finest American poets." Join us to find out why, and hear Mark’s process on his new volume: ‘A Bedroom Occupation’. Sep 07

Michael Benanav
Author of ‘Men of Salt: Crossing the Sahara on the Caravan of White Gold’, Michael gives insight on the challenges of travel writing. Oct 07

SOMOS Story Telling Festival Interview with Mariel Manasi by Mike Tilley

Bill Harley & Storytelling
From the SOMOS workshop

Dana Levin Multiple award-winning poet Dana reads from her new collection 'Wedding Day' and talks about the underbelly of poetry. Nov 07

What Would George Orwell Write Today
Jeff Hass & John Nichols at SOMOS

Teresa Dovalpage
Cuban-born author Teresa reads from her novel 'A Girl Like Che Guevara' and shares her experience of writing across two cultures. Dec 07

Dora McQuaid
click on pic for larger image

John Nichols
click on pic for larger image
SOMOS Summer Writers Series Aug 31, 2007
Recorded & produced by Robin Collier
Magdalene Smith Intro
and the benefit for Dream Tree
Native Momentum
Selections of poetry & music from the final SOMOS Writers Series event with Pat McCabe, CJ Bernal, Lyla Johnston & Coral Bernal. Recorded by Robin Collier & edited by Lyla Johnson Feb 07

Bruce McIntosh
Best known as a playwright and screenplay writer, Bruce reads his powerful poetry and discusses writing for performance. Feb 07.

Robert Westbrook
Robert reads from a Howard Moon Deer mystery and talks on the art of story in fiction and memoir. May 07

The Story of The
Sean Murphy with music by Patrick Mirabal & Michael Kott
From the SOMOS 2007 Winter Writers Series
Produced by Robin Collier

Anthony Doerr
Women's Speak Interview by Nancy Ryan Jul 07

Tara Ison
Author of ‘A Child Out of Alcatraz’, Tara reads from her new novel ‘The List’, plus insights on fiction, film, and creating compelling characters. Aug 07

Dora McQuaid
Poems on domestic violence and the death of Dora's adopted father.

John Nichols
reading from a screenplay on the Cuban Revolution and his new novel "The Empanada Brotherhood" to be published by Chronicle Books. Includes profanity.
Short story in Orion Magazine

2006 Writers on Radio Shows & extra

Pat McCabe
A Diné (Navajo) writer, Pat reads poems and essays that bridge the Native and the non-native experience.
Jan 06

Sallie Bingham
Poet, memoirist, and author of 8 fiction books, Sallie reads from her novel 'Cory's Feast', set in Taos, NM.
Feb 06

Poet Katie Kingston
An award-winning poet with an ear for a fine story, Katie reads from her new collection 'El Rio de Las Animas Perdidas en Purgatorio.'
Mar 06

Poet Katie Kingston
Part 2
Award-winning poet Katie celebrates National Poetry Month with readings from Neruda, Lorca, and her responses to their work.
Apr 06

Lisa Lenard-Cook
Novelist and non-fiction author, Lisa reads from 'Dissonance' and 'Coyote Morning.'
May 06

Barbara Jacksha
Flash Fictionista and journal editor, Barbara reads flash stories and talks about the form.
Jun 06

SOMOS Summer Writer's Series
Jun 06

Michelle Holland
Poet and slam coach Michelle reads from her new collection 'Event Horizon' and gives tips for new poets and slammers!
Jul 06

Antonya Nelson
The author of eight fiction books, and named by The New Yorker as one of the "twenty young fiction writers for the new millennium," Antonya reads from her new short story collection 'Some Fun' Sep 11 05

Anya Achtenberg
Award-winning poet and short fiction writer, Anya reads novel excerpts and explores how writers claim their stories.
Aug 06

Janet Majerus
Novelist Janet discusses the art of writing murder mysteries, and reads from her new book 'The Best Laid Plans'.
Sep 06

Magdalene Smith
Magdalene reads from her comic memoir 'Flirty Fishing' and discusses her approach to writing from real life.
Oct 06

SOMOS Story Telling Festival Oct 20-21 06
Mariel Nanasi Interview
Milbre Burch Interview

 Natalie Goldberg
Natalie talks about the 20th Anniversary of her best-seller 'Writing Down The Bones' plus tips on writing memoir. 28 min Nov 06

Natalie Goldberg
9 minute interview

Valerie Ann Leff
Valerie discusses the craft of fiction, and her novel 'Better Homes and Husbands' - currently in development for a NBC series. Dec 06

2005 Writers on Radio Shows

Carol Mell The Taos Hum
(Host Phyllis Hotch) Journalist and columnist Carol reads from her newspaper column
Its All Downhill from Here.'
Mar 13 05

Pam Houston
Author of 'Cowboys Are My Weakness', 'Waltzing the Cat', and the essay collection A Little More About Me, Pam reads from her novel 'Sight Hound'
Apr 10 05

Rick Collignon
Author of three critically-acclaimed novels, including 'A Santo in the Image of Cristobal Garcia' and 'Perdido', Rick reads from his new novel-in-progress
June 12 05

Veronica Golos
A Pushcart Prize nominee, Veronica reads new poems plus favorites from her collection 'A Bell Buried Deep'
July 10 05

Mirabai Starr
"Interior Castle"
(not by SOMOS)
Mike Tilley, Producer
Aug 21 05 - 58 min

John Dufresne
John's novels 'Louisiana Power & Light' and 'Love Warps the Mind a Little' were New York Times Notable Books of the Year. He reads from his short story collection 'Johnny Too Bad'
Aug 14 05

Marjorie Agosin
Aug 05 Short Interview

Heather King
Author, essayist, and commentator for NPR's 'All Things Considered', Heather reads from her memoir 'Parched' Oct 05

Storytelling Festival Oct 05 Short Interview

A member of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) tribe, storyteller Karahkwahawi spins stories grounded in the legends and traditions of her people
Nov 05

SOMOS Writers Series
Banjo Composer Paul Elwood Short interview

Susan Klein
"The author of 'Through a Ruby Window: A Martha's Vineyard Childhood', storyteller Susan shares a heartwarming Christmas story from her 'Silent Night' CD collection
Dec 05

Stanley Crawford

Stanley Crawford
The award-winning author of six books and many magazine features, Stanley reads from his novel 'Petroleum Man'
May 9 05

Chellis Glendinning
Chiva - May 9 05
Women's Speak
(not SOMOS)
Hosted by Nancy Ryan

Chellis Glendinning

Sam Taylor with Tania Casselle

Leslie Ullman
Winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize, Leslie reads poems from her latest book 'Slow Work Through Sand'
Feb 13 05

Sam Taylor
Winner of the Florida Review's 2002 Editor's poetry prize, Sam reads from his debut poetry collection 'Body of the World'
Jan 9 05

2004 Writers on Radio Shows

Diane Thiel
(Host Sean Murphy) The author of four books, Diane reads poetry and an extract from her memoir 'White Horse: A Colombian journey'
Sep 04

Mirabai Starr
Essayist and translator of sacred literature, including 'Dark Night of the Soul' by St John of the Cross, Mirabai reads from her translation of St Theresa of Avila's 'The Interior Castle'
Aug 04

Robert Wilder
Fiction writer and essayist, Rob reads from his book 'Daddy Needs a Drink: An Irreverent Look at Parenting from a Dad Who Truly Loves His Kids-- Even When They're Driving Him Nuts'
Nov 04

Cisco Guevara
Storyteller Cisco tells tales drawn from his Hispanic and Indian Heritage
Oct 04

Barbara Waters
Essayist and former journalist, Barbara reads from 'Celebrating the Coyote,' a memoir of her life and her marriage to Frank Waters Dec 04

Barbara Waters with Tania Casselle

Natalie Goldberg
Host Phyliss Hotch
Mar 04

Jeff Cochran
Host Phyliss Hotch
Feb 04

Elaine Sutton
A midwife of both babies and words, Elaine reads poetry and essays to celebrate this 'Mother's Day' edition
May 04

Youth Poets
Nicole Bently, Sonia Chacon, Justin Hass, Arian Palden, Joel Zurdy
Host Phyliss Hotch

Apr 04

Jerry Padilla
An award-winning columnist and editor, Jerry's non-fiction focuses on New Mexico's traditions and folklore, and issues relevant to the Spanish-speaking world
Jun 04

Robert Arellano
Author of 'Fast Eddie, King of the Bees', Robert reads from his new novel 'Don Dimaio of La Plata'
Jul 04

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