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Womenspeak - Nancy Ryan

All audio segments and photos are copyright 2003-2012 by Cultural Energy and/or the creators.
They may not be reproduced in any form except one copy to listen to on your own computer or mp3 player.

Womenspeak can be heard on KLDK 96.5 LPFM Dixon on Cultural Energy's time 11:30 am Mon-Thurs.

Below are underlined links to our segments now online.
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Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2016-19

Phyliss Hotch 50:25
January interview on her new book and reading at SOMOS Sunday February 3rd, 2019

Poet Nancy Ryan 50:37
Reading by her friends at SOMOS 20 November 2016

Kathy Goss Part 1 28:41
Kathy Goss Part 2 28:40
WomenSpeak Revisted: Kathy Goss on her new book with Nancy Ryan.
Women's Speak 31:04
Sofia Daisy Greenberg interviewed by Nancy Ryan on Hill Lily Magazine and farm life near Grass Valley, CA.

Anne McNaughton
Nancy Ryan interviews poet Anne McNaughton for WomenSpeak.

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2012
Peter Rabbit 14:48
Nancy Ryan interviews Peter Rabbit and Anne MacNaughton and they read. Peter passed this October 2012. Sound & edit by Nancy Ryan not by Cultural Energy.

Peter Rabbit & Anne MacNaughton in the Cultural Energy studios for
a Mike Tilley interview.
Robin Collier photo June 2004

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2010
Magdelene Smith
Nancy Ryan interviews Magdelene Smith on the murder of women in Taos and how a group of women are addressing it ceremonially & spiritually. May 10

Intro/Outro Music by Lisanne

Magdelene Smith

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2009
Carole Crews
Nancy Ryan interviews Carole Crews about her new book Clay Culture: Plaster, Paints and Preservation, and issues of aging & the environment.

Carole Crews
Gourmet Adobe Jun 07

Beverly Bell
Nancy Ryan interviews Beverly on the organization Other Worlds and the event Friday Nov. 6 at the Bareiss Gallery. Nov 09

Chellis Glendinning
Nancy Ryan interviews author & activist Chellis Glendinning on the "long view." Aug 09.

Nancy Ryan's interview with Chellis on her book "Chiva" was featured internationally in August on the radio program WINGS.

Chellis Glendinning - Chiva
May 05

Other segments on Chellis are on our SOMOS page and Shows page

Dr. Tamara Singleton
Nancy Ryan interviews Dr. Tamara Singleton on health care in rural New Mexico. Oct 09
Thomas Buckley
Author of Women and Other Dreams, a handmade book of poems and photographs. Feb 09

Nancy Ryan interviews

Barbara Waters
Stereo File (48.8 MB)
Mono File (22.5 MB
Author of Celebrating the Coyote and president of the Frank Waters Foundation.
58 Minutes May 09

Barbara Waters in her home
Robin Collier photos
Click on photos for larger view

Becky Reardon
Rounds with Musician Becky Reardon. Jan 09

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2008
Anne MacNaughton
Poet and Teacher Sep 08

Judge Peggy Nelson
On the Supreme Court and the upcoming Presidential Election
Oct 08

Anne MacNaughton
Beverly Bell
Writer & Activist
Aug 08

Susan Griffin Part 1
Susan Griffin Part 2
Nancy Ryan's interview with author Susan Griffin. Jun-Jul 08

Susan Griffin with Nancy Ryan in Santa Fe

Nancy Ryan interviews

Mirabai Starr - Robin Collier photos

Carole Crews
Gourmet Adobe (repeat) May 08

Mildred Tolbert's Daughters Talk About Her Life
Host Nancy Ryan interviews Carole and Ann Bush Crews, daughters of photographer, author & mother, Mildred Tolbert, about their life growing up with Mildred and poet Judson Crews in Ranchos de Taos in the 50's & 60's. Feb 08

Mildred Tolbert Memorial
Mildred's memorial recorded at the Harwood Museum with music by Jenny Vincent.

Feminism & Identity Policitics in the Presidential Race
Nancy Ryan talks with Fabie Romero and Jackie Keaton.
Mar 08 - Collier photo at right

New Year's Poetry Special
Readers: Jenny Goldberg, Shawnie Morris, Magdeline Smith, Anne McNaughton & Nancy Ryan. Jan 08

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2007
Poet Sawnie Morris
Jan 07

Frieda Werden
Interview with Women's International News Gathering Service Executive Producer
WINGS part 1
WINGS part 2
Feb - Mar 07

The Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Part 1 Part 2
Judge Peggy Nelson
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Shanti Mohling
Apr - May 07

Carole Crews
Gourmet Adobe
Jun 07

Anthony Doerr
Jul 07

Kathleen Goss
On "the Ethereal Possibilities of Water 'Science'" Hour version Aug - Sep 07

Jill Hoffman & Deborah Rael Buckley 5th Annual Originals: NM Women Artists. Oct 07

Kat Duff
Nov 07

Mia Cohen
Youth Heartline
Dec 07

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2006
Taos Wool Festival
Sep 06

Voting Part 1
Victoria Linden Oct 06

Voting Part 2 Nov 06

Voter Fraud
Both parts in a 58 Minute version

Consuelo Luz
Dec 06 (repeat)

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2005
Chellis Glendinning - Chiva
May 05

Jane Odin & Kathleen Goss
Chem Trails Aug 05

Chellis Glendinning.
Robin Collier photo

Dorothy Ketler & Ellen Brodsky
Dec 05

Victoria Linden - Tierra Lucero Sep 05

Victoria Linden - Food Security Oct 05

Nancy Ryan's Womenspeak™ 2004
Breast Cancer Sep 04 Terra Nova Expressive Arts Jul 04

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