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Sunset on Taos Mountain Jan 1, 2011 Robin Collier photo, click for larger view

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Stories 2012
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Stories December 2012
David Barsamian Talk
In Santa Fe at CCA
Dec 4 2012
Intro by Jason Silverman 3:17
David Barsamian 55:19
Q & A with David 15:53
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall
Historia de Nuevo México
Malcolm Ebright Balancing the Narratives Pueblo Land Title History
Rick Hendricks, State Historian
Sandia Pueblo Land Grant History
Northern New Mexico College
El Rito Campus Oct, 12, 2012.
Malcolm Ebright 27:34
Q & A Ebright 4:47
Rick Hendricks 40:13
Q & A Pueblo Land 16:31
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall

Jenny Vincent (not present), Joanne Forman, Phyllis Hotch,
Enriqueta Vasquez, Anna Bryson, Thomas Hatcher, & Bjorn Halvorsen
Climate of Fear
Remembering the McCarthy Era
Is it Happening Again?
Taos Seniors share their memories of the Senator Joe McCarthy Era, 1950 - 1954, and the hearings of the House of Un-American Activities (HUAC), from before World War Two until 1975. Many in Taos were greatly hurt by this period of black-listing, demagoguery, baseless defamation, and mudslinging, fueled by fear of Communism.
Dec 4, 2010 Taos Public Library
Organized by Joanne Forman
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall
Intro by Robin Collier
& Joanne Forman
Enriqueta Vasquez 18:07
Jenny Vincent (2006) 16:56
Phyllis Hotch 9:15
Thomas Hatcher 20:32
Bjorn Halvorsen 16:11
Anna Bryson 13:18
Comment by
Enriqueta Vasquez
Joanne Forman 15:35
Discussion 30:51
Stories November 2012
Raging Grannies sing Nov 28, 2012 in Arroyo Hondo - Linda Fair Lyrics Save our Hondo Post Office 1:56
Complete audio of meeting with Post Office officials 1:10:39
Recorded by Robin Collier Edited by Spence Stall
Historia de Nuevo México
Patricia Marroquin Norby,
University of Wisconsin
O'Keeffe Country?
Estevan Arellano, Querencia
Levi Romero UNM Digital Cuentos
Northern New Mexico College
El Rito Campus Oct, 12, 2012.

Go here for Film missing from Levi's talk

Intros 3:57
Patricia M. Norby - O'Keeffe 19:30
Estevan Arellano- Querencia 21:01
Levi Romero - Digital Cuentos 3:20
Q & A 11:06
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall

Popé Society - Corn 31:53 Above: Tony Reyna & Robert Nelson
Robert Miribal, Robert Nelson, Steve Parks, Tony Reyna and others speak about growing corn at Tiwa Farms at Taos Pueblo. Sep. 29, 2012

Peter Rabbit & Anne MacNaughton in the Cultural Energy studios
Aldo Leopold
Courtney White, co-founder of the Quivira Coalition speaks about Aldo Leopold's life. Oct. 18, 2012
Acknowledgements 9:18
Intro to Courtney 4:50
Aldo Leopold Talk 43:56
Q & A with Courtney 27:38
Recorded by Robin Collier edited by Spence Stall

Peter Rabbit 14:48
Nancy Ryan interviews Peter Rabbit and Anne MacNaughton and they read. Peter passed this October 2012. Sound & edit by Nancy Ryan not by Cultural Energy.

Robin Collier photo June 2004

Stories October, 2012
PRC KEC Oct 16 Hearing
NM Public Regulation Commission rescinds the requirement in their rate ruling that Kit Carson Electric Coop divest the Broadband division into a separate entity, thus likely allowing the Coop to keep their funding to build the broadband. The Coop must make regular reports to the PRC of the same financial information reported to the Rural Utilities Service (RUS).
Entire KEC-PRC Hearing 1:24:25
Recorded & edited by Robin Collier

Luis Reyes explains why he withheld information from RUS about the PRC divestiture order.

Board President Bobby Ortega listens. Robin Collier Photo
Stories September, 2012

Dr. Katherine Toy Miller
Native American Connections: The Early Moderns, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Taos Pueblo, and the D. H. Lawrence Ranch.
Sponsored by the Friends of the Taos Library and the the Friends of D H Lawrence. June 16, 2012
Dr. Miller Intro 2:22
Dr. Miller 2012 talk 46:22
Recorded & edited by Spence Stall

Dr. Katherine Toy Miller
Spiritual Connections: Georgia O'Keeffe and D. H. Lawrence.
Sponsored by the Friends of D H Lawrence. June 11, 2011
Dr. Miller Intro 1:52
Dr. Miller 2011 talk 1:00:52
Recorded by Robin Collier & edited by Spence Stall

Stories August, 2012
Taos Celebration of the Young Aug. 31-Sep. 3
Regeneration Festival
Organized by Lyla June Johnston
Web site FaceBook

NNSA Plutonium Hearing Aug 25
Video of public comment
National Nuclear Security Administration hearing on the draft Surplus Plutonium Disposition Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement August 25 in Santa Fe. DOE plans to bring 14.4 tons of surplus plutonium to LANL and/or WIPP.

Arroyo Hondo Land Grant Federal Suit Dismissed

Federal Court Judge M. Christina Armijo dismissed the Arroyo Hondo Land Grant title company suit on Aug 30 for lack of standing. Title Company plaintiffs showed no damage. The land owners them selves were not party to the suit, and they are the ones that would have the damage, and should have been the plaintiffs.
PDF of Armijo Ruling

Peaceful Skies Teach-In
Review of major developments on US military's plans for operations over New Mexico
August 22 Taos KEC meeting room
Intro by Carol Miller 1:19
Cliff Bain 1:21
Carol Miller talk 27:44
Gov. JD Martinez Picuris Pueblo 3:04
Peggy Nelson Amigos Bravos 29:15
Miguel Santistevan 7:30
Q & A 23:34

Recorded by Robin Collier & edited by Spence Stall

pdf of Sildes from Carol Miller's talk 10.7 megs

Stories July, 2012.

Jerry Padilla
We mourn the passing of historian, musican, story teller, writer, and former Taos News Spanish editor, Jerry Padilla. Funeral services are planned Friday July 13 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Taos. A rosary will be at 9 a.m., followed by funeral mass at 10 a.m.

An example of his great knowledge is heard in his talk at the Taos Library in 2009.

Comanchero Traders
Jerry Padilla speaking Apr 25 2009 for the Old Spanish Trail Assoc.

Our apologies for delay in posting many stories. We are recording as many great events & talks as we can, but because we are working on key issues so we can get on the air, we have had to take a break from most editing & posting. You will hear many of these when we get on the air. Thank you for your patience!

David Barsamian in New Mexico
Friday July 6, 2012, 7 PM
"U.S.-Israel: War on Iran”
Unitarian Church
107 W. Barcelona, Santa Fe, NM

Intro by Jeff Hass 6:46
David Barsamian on Iran 1:23:37
Q & A with David 5:56
Recorded & edited by Robin Collier

Anniversary memorial for Harvey Solomon June 18, 2012
Harvey Memorial
Recorded by Robin Collier,
edited by
Spence Stall

A memorial for Kay Soloman wll be held Tuesday, July 10 at 5 pm.
at the Inger Jirby Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden on LeDoux Street. Food and refreshments will be served.

Stories June, 2012.
Tara Lumpkin
An interview of the director of Izilwane by our SMU in Taos intern, Carlos Peter Bujosa.
Tara Lumpkin

Butchie Denver
We have lost a tireless advocate to protect our land and water. Butchie died Monday June 27 at a hospice in California. Memorials will be held at in Arroyo Hondo at Midtown Lounge from 5:30 pm to 8 pm on Friday, July 6 and a more public celebration with slides from the family from 4-6 pm Sunday July 8 at the Sagebrush Inn.

Butchie Denver at the Taos County Commission in 2011, speaking on the need for a Water Committee for Taos County.

Taos Community Foundation
An interview of the director of TCF, Elizabeth Crittenden Palacios, by our SMU in Taos intern, Carlos Peter Bujosa.
Taos Community Foundation

Caleb Mapes
An innocent Taos soul who didn't fit into the mainstream is gone.

Hiroshima, What's That? 18:43
Radio play written by Joanne Forman, Performed by Ruth Farbach

Stories May, 2012
Taos County Commission Candidates Forums
Sponsored by Taos Friends United May 7th & 8th
District 3 Llano Quemado
District 4 Arroyo Hondo
Vote early or June 5th.
Recorded by Robin Collier,
edited by
Spence Stall

Acequia del Monte - Talpa
Hearing on Water Rights Transfer May 3, 2012
Application by Ernest Valerio and 3 brothers & sister to tranfer 4.57 acres of water rights to El Valle de los Ranchos Water & Sanitation District

Miguel Santistevan Seeds, Soil & Water: Stop Thinking, Start Hoeing
Presentation at the Taos Valley Acequia Association April 28, 2012
Seeds, Soil & Water 34:55

Full Audio of Water Transfer Hearing 1:33:40

On May 17, 2012 the Commissioners of Acequia de Monte unanimous denied the water transfer application.

Stories April, 2012
On April 3, 2012, Cultural Energy purchased another small radio station, 90.1 FM now re-named KCEI, which will allow us to better cover communities north of Taos, and get on the air sooner. Huge thanks to a very generous anonymous donor! We continue working on our Picuris signal, 89.5 FM, now re-named KCEY, which will provide our best southern coverage. David Barsamian in Montezuma, New Mexico Mon Apr 9 7 pm
War of the Words: Decoding Propaganda - Sponsored by the
Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center

Intro by Pat Lehan 2:15
David Barsamian 1:23:27

Stories March, 2012
With Children Like Your Own
David Smith-Ferri of Voices for Creative Non-Violence on the
Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
March 5, 2012
Intro by Cliff Bain 1:19
Afghanistan & AYPV 1:07:21
Q & A 23:34
Sponsored by Peaceful Skies Coalition & Food Not Bombs
David Barsamian in New Mexico
Tue Mar 20 6:30 Santa Fe
Lannan Foundation. James Little
David in conversation with Chris Williams on the Ecological Crisis.

Wed Mar 21, 6 pm
Uprisings: Kashmir to Cairo to Wall Street
Albuq Center for Peace and Justice 202 Harvard SE, Albuquerque 505-858-0882

Stories January - February, 2012
Taos Town Council Candidates Forum sponsored by Taos Friends United
February 6, 2012
Intros 8:29
Judi Cantu 12:28
Andrew Gonzales 15:18
Linda Knief 14:37
Break info 1:45
Luke Pavel 11:07
Fred Peralta 14:15
Amy Quintana 6:00
Outro 0:53
Unedited except for pauses

Our apologies for delay in posting many stories. We are recording great events & talks as we can, but because we are working on key issues so we can get on the air, we have had to take a break from most editing. Thank you for your patience!

Taos Town Council Candidates Forum sponsored by Taos Chamber of Commerce & KTAO
February 13, 2012
Opening 13:36
Q1 Thinking Out of the Box 9:56
Q2 Economic Development 11:28
Q3 Historic District 10:27
Q4 Affordable Housing 12:30
Q5 Command Center 8:49
Q6 Free Box 10:14
Closing 11:01
Unedited except for pauses.

LASG update meeting on the CMRR & related issues
Wednesday, February 22, at the Cloud Cliff Bakery, 1805 2nd Street, Santa Fe, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
On Thursday, February 23, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, 118 Cruz Alta Road,Taos, 6:30-8:30 pm.

David Barsamian Speaking in Taos at the Harwood Museum of Art Arthur Bell Auditorium
Friday February 17 7 pm.

Jointly presented by Cultural Energy, the Harwood Museum of Art & the University of New Mexico
Tickets & More Info Here

Freedom of Expression, the Media and Democracy

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