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Millicent Roger Museum Taos

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Community Wellness 56:40
Millicent Rogers Unplugged: "Community Wellness", January 7, 2023

MRM Pastels 28:07
Milicent Rogers Museum pastel show.

MRM Unplugged 58:59
Millicent Rogers Unplugged: "From the Ground Up-Seeds to Solar Ovens", June 2.

Following the Manito Trail 60:00
Questions not Broadcast 11:51
Panel at the Millicent Rodgers Museum March 27, 2022 with Troy Lovato and Matthew Sandoval.

Cipriano Vigil 9:08
Musician Cipriano Vigil playing "The Man Looks Sad" with his family at the exhibit "Following the Manito Trail" March 27.

Land Stweardship 59:30
Land Stewardship panel at the Milicent Rogers Museum Apr. 7, 2022


Following the Manito Trail 62:00
Panel at the Millicent Rodgers Museum included NM Poet Laurate Levi Romero, Dr. Vanessa Fonseca-Chavez, Dr. Patricia Perea, Dr. Trisha Martinez, Jesús Villa; and moderator Millicent Rodgers curator Dr. Michelle Lanteri.

Taos Pueblo Arts 29:23
Illona Spruce and Kathleen Michaels Cornbringer on the Taos Pueblo Arts show at the Millicent Rodgers Museum.

Icon, American Style 55:40
Exhibit on the fashion icon Millicent Rodgers at the Millicent Rodgers Museum

Millicent Rodgers Museum 28:09
Kathryn Ritter, education director at the Millicent Rodgers Museum on upcoming programs.

Taos Pueblo Artists 30:06
At the Millicent Rodgers Museum March 8th, 9th & 10th

Taos Pueblo Artists 30:06
At the Millicent Rodgers Museum March 8th ,9th & 10th


Millicent Rodgers Museum 27:30
Millicent Rodgers Museum director Dr. Caroline Jean Fernald talks about upcoming exhibits and events, and issues involved with curating Native American and Hispanic sacred objects

Millicent Rodgers Museum 29:26
D.r Caroline Jean Fernald Director of the Millicent Rodgers Museum, on their shows and programs.

Millicent Rodgers Museum 30:35
Museum director Caroline Fernald on her talk on Pueblo trade with Mesomerica, in particular with scarlet macaws.

Taos Currents
Millicent Rogers Museum
Executive Director Fred Peralta. Feb 10 2009

Millicent Rogers Museum
Millicent Rogers Museum
Exhibit Nov. 2, 2005

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